Casa Loma

The Inn – now Casa Loma – stands as a cherished icon, a harmonious blend of Laguna Beach’s nature and culture. After a remarkable $15 million makeover, the property is set to elevate its allure, all the while honoring its rich history, artistic heritage, and cherished memories that have woven its narrative.

The extensive refresh encompasses every facet of the hotel, from the inviting Lobby and captivating Meeting and Event spaces, to the introduction of fresh guest room designs featuring unique elements and signature touches.

Elegance Transformed

Step into a realm where Spanish serenity sets the pace. Each corner will be designed to display sculptural geometric marvels, paying homage to tradition while embracing modernity – harmoniously fusing Mediterranean aesthetics with contemporary elegance. The facades will feature whitewashed finishes adorned with intricate wrought iron detailing, reminiscent of classic Mallorcan architecture. Inside, you’ll find earthy tones, textured surfaces, and artisanal craftsmanship. This sanctuary will blossom into a haven for sea artisans, igniting creativity. A playground of discovery will beckon, sparking collaboration. Within, the bohemian spirit will flourish, and every soul will dance to the symphony of seaside village charm.

The comprehensive transformation includes guest rooms and public areas, encompassing furnishings and finishes.
Plus, the addition of:
• Updated Meeting & Event Space
• Additional King Bedrooms

Electric Bowery

Renowned Design Team

The woman-founded and led team behind Electric Bowery, established in 2013, is a collaborative group of architects, designers, and developers led by licensed architects and Design Principals, Lucia Bartholomew and Cayley Lambur. Electric Bowery believes successful design projects should be both approachable and inspiring – there is no ‘one size fits all’.

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